About the Charity

About The Charity

The Liam Fairhurst Foundation has one overall main aim – To help young people affected by cancer, disabilities and illness’. We achieve this in a multitude of different ways, and you’ll be able to see more examples of what we’ve done on our ‘latest’ page.

The ethos behind the charity is to help the young person affected by cancer, disabilities and illness’ and to also help young people around them too. Including siblings and children of adults in some cases. The foundation which was founded by Liam’s brother, Callum, realises the importance of helping young people around the individual. Many of these young people such as siblings are forgot about, and the foundation ensures they are helped whilst still helping the young person during, before and after time at hospital.

The main way in which we achieve these aims is by supporting:

People: This is the biggest section in our ‘action plan’. We help many people across the United Kingdom in a variety of ways. For example, we provide grants for families with a child affected by cancer, disabilities and illness’ – often parents with a child in long term hospital care have to take time off work or even leave their job to look after their child. With a lack of stable income, this makes it difficult to pay for fuel to get to and from hospital or even pay for rent. With a grant families can look after the health of their child rather than worry about the next pound for essentials. (Some other examples of people we have supported can be seen on the ‘Latest’ page).

Organisations: We provide grants and assistance to charities and organisations who help those within our remit, for example ‘Sunflowers Care’ provide respite care for young people aged 0-18. Our grant funded a fully functional sensory room and parts of their sensory garden. (Some other examples of organisations we have supported can be seen on the ‘Latest’ page).

Projects: The Liam Fairhurst Foundation runs a series of different projects, we are currently working on the ‘Disney Project’, sending 20 families (over 80 people) some of whom are in palliative care to experience magical memories and have a break from the stresses and strains of hospital life. (Some other examples of organisations we have supported can be seen on the ‘Latest’ page).

More examples of what we do and who we have helped can be seen on the latest page, from funding counselling to helping children meet their favourite celebrities. Some of those we have helped have also posted thanks via our mobile phone app ‘The Liam Fairhurst Foundation’ which you soon will be able to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

“Sometimes tomorrow is too far away, The Liam Fairhurst Foundation helps children be children and live for today”.

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